Missed it!

Damn! I just read that there was a scene in Iron Man after the credits! Ever since "X-Men: The Last Stand", I've stayed at movies through the credits just in case I miss something. Darren drove, though, so just as the credits were playing, he wanted to leave. If I had known there was another scene, I would have told him to stay!

Apparently, the scene, featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, was a teaser for the new Avengers movies coming out in a few years.


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I saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" at the discount theater a few weekends ago. It was good, but it was lacking the mystery of the first movie.

Iron Man was totally awesome. I saw that Saturday with one of the roomies and his girlfriend.

The semester's over and it's time for me to pack and get moved. I'm not looking forward to it.

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Signing for Credit Card Purchases

I get so annoyed when I have to sign for a credit card purchase for a small amount. My local grocery store doesn't make me sign unless my total is over $25. I don't have to sign at the gas station when I pay at the pump. I have never signed a receipt at McDonald's.

Why, yesterday, did Mrs. Fields make me sign my $3 lemonade receipt? There wasn't even a line for the signature!

And god help you if you hand me a pen out a drive-through window...

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Free Country Music Download

Denny's is currently running a promotion where you get a free country song download with certain meals. Lucky me, I chose to have the country-fried steak this morning, which entitled me to a free song.

I got home just now, eager (not really; I hate country music) to download a song, but the music is protected by Microsoft Windows Media DRM...

I don't mind DRM, but Microsoft hasn't made their DRM compatible with OS X, so I'm SOL.

If you're interested, here's my code (if it doesn't work, somebody already used it):


Go here to redeem it: http://dennys.com/country

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On Television

I watched "Top Chef" last night and I was disappointed that Casey didn't win. Her dishes just didn't come together, so I can understand, though. Still, I'm sad. Did she get anything for winning the poll? Seriously, I hope my $1.29 went for something ($0.15 to send the SMS, $0.15 for receiving the confirmation, and $0.99 fee for the message). If not, what the hell was the point? That's a lot of money to charge for nothing!

I love watching CSI, but this semester, I have a class while it airs. I recorded last week's episode with my EyeTV but totally spaced on this week's episode. I'm considering buying both episodes from iTunes. The quality is better, there're no commercials, and I don't have to convert it before I can watch it in Front Row.

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