Mac Tip: Organize Your Dock With Separators

If you like to keep your Mac OS X Dock organized, here’s how to add separators:

Real separators for the Mac OS X Leopard dock (howto)


Sausage Gravy

If, say for example, you’re making sausage gravy and you find out—only after you start cooking—that your roommate has used up all the flour, cornstarch makes an acceptable substitute. Don’t put the cornstarch directly into the pan; mix it with the cold milk, then add the milk mixture to the pan.


Apple Wireless Keyboard: A Review

On Saturday, I bought the relatively new Apple Wireless Keyboard at Best Buy for $79.99.

(Mini rant: what is with Best Buy always charging more than MSRP? It’s why I rarely go there…)

The box is tiny, the keyboard even smaller (it fits inside the box…) The keyboard comes with three AA batteries, required for operation. There’s a cap on one end that covers the area for the batteries. I put the batteries in and it didn’t work, so I figured I had them in upside down. I switched their orientation and it worked. (Today, I found a diagram on the bottom of the keyboard that shows how the batteries go in. I bet there’s also a diagram in the manual that I didn’t open.) Put the batteries in positive end first.

The pairing process was pretty simple, but I wish there was some sort of feedback when I entered the passkey on the keyboard.

It took me about a day to get used to typing on the thing. It is a laptop style keyboard, so the keys don’t have much travel. It seems a bit smaller than a regular keyboard (I mean the typing area; the whole thing is definitely smaller because it lacks a numeric keypad) and I was hitting a few wrong keys. Now, though, I’m not having any problems.

People often complain about lag with Bluetooth devices, but I haven’t noticed any delay when I type. Even after it’s been sitting for a while, it works right away.

Speaking of the Bluetooth, the range on the keyboard is good enough for me. I haven’t tested the maximum range, but it reaches across my room and that’s all I need.

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard, or a new keyboard at all, I highly recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard.