Apple Wireless Keyboard: A Review

On Saturday, I bought the relatively new Apple Wireless Keyboard at Best Buy for $79.99.

(Mini rant: what is with Best Buy always charging more than MSRP? It’s why I rarely go there…)

The box is tiny, the keyboard even smaller (it fits inside the box…) The keyboard¬†comes with three AA batteries, required for operation. There’s a cap on one end that covers the area for the batteries. I put the batteries in and it didn’t work, so I figured I had them in upside down. I switched their orientation and it worked. (Today, I found a diagram on the bottom of the keyboard that shows how the batteries go in. I bet there’s also a diagram in the manual that I didn’t open.) Put the batteries in positive end first.

The pairing process was pretty simple, but I wish there was some sort of feedback when I entered the passkey on the keyboard.

It took me about a day to get used to typing on the thing. It is a laptop style keyboard, so the keys don’t have much travel. It seems a bit smaller than a regular keyboard (I mean the typing area; the whole thing is definitely smaller because it lacks a numeric keypad) and I was hitting a few wrong keys. Now, though, I’m not having any problems.

People often complain about lag with Bluetooth devices, but I haven’t noticed any delay when I type. Even after it’s been sitting for a while, it works right away.

Speaking of the Bluetooth, the range on the keyboard is good enough for me. I haven’t tested the maximum range, but it reaches across my room and that’s all I need.

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard, or a new keyboard at all, I highly recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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